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I am an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist. I did my training at the Advanced Colonics Techniques School in Boulder, Colorado which maintains both a high technical and energetic standard. I also have a massage therapy and Reiki background which compliments my practice.

Phone: 734-249-8017   Website:colonhydrotherapyannarbor.com

Offering a variety of wellness & holistic spa services including Detoxification, Skin Care & De-Stress Treatments.  “Look Better, Feel Better and Revitalize Your Life” with expert bodywork
therapies since 1980.  Gift certificates and series discounts are available.

Phone: 734-657-4652:  Website: www.newborneholistic.com
Alisa Dowell, Certified Hydrocolon Therapist
Mariah Newborne, Lic of Newborne Holistic

Denise Acton, ND, TCM, Naturopathic Doctor, Advanced Nutrition Response Tester
Gary Merel, MS, L.Ac of Ann Arbor Holistic Health
Offering a comprehensive holistic approach to helping people
facilitate the natural and instinctive healing process of the human
body through the use of Acupuncture, Enzyme Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Supplements and Natural Hormone Balancing.
 Phone: 734-222-8210:  Website: www.annarborholistichealth.com

Their Mission is to inspire, teach, and help integrate health, healing and greater connection with oneself, one’s community and the Earth. 

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​​Offering a natural holistic approach to better health through the use of bio-meridian testing, cardio-vascular screening, nutrition response testing, acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine.
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