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Ultimate Facial
Facial in Ann Arbor
• This affordable and refreshing facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial and shoulder massage, a moisturizing mask while using award winning Weleda products.
• For more info see Services .
Facial in Ann Arbor
60-90 Minutes - $80.00-$110.00
45 Minutes - $55.00
• Detox your body and skin through a powerful combination of an Ionic Footbath or Far Infrared Sauna with an "Ultimate Facial." 
• This treatment also includes detoxification through Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Therapy an Ionic Foot Bath or Infrared Sauna Treatment.
• Release toxins stored deep within the cells & regain a healthy youthful appearance.
• For more info see Services.
By blending Weleda facial care, body work, energy therapy & home care you are given a framework to improve & maintain your skin's harmonious balance & healthy appearance.
Health Benefits •  Healing your skin from the inside out offers lasting results
• Healthy skin promotes a healthy body • Softens fine lines, regenerates aging skin
•  Restores balance to sensitive skin • Preserves moisture and oil / dry skin balance
•  Lowers stress hormones •  Supports recovery conditions including difficult skin, rashes and eczema •  Improves skin's healthy appearance •  Home care support
Mariah Newborne giving facials in Ann Arbor
Detox Facial in Ann Arbor
Acupressure Facelift
​​​60 Minutes - $80.00
•  By pressing trigger points on the face and neck the body's promotes circulation of blood and the body's life force energy to aid healing leaving your face with a glow of health.
•  Treatment combines therapeutic essential oils on acupressure points on the face and neck while balancing and opening corresponding meridians throughout the body.
•  Also includes a cleansing and nourishing mask with award winning Weleda products with soft compresses, aromatic bath milks, rhythmic massage and acupressure of the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet to improve circulation and relieve stress.
• For more info see Services .
Detox Facial Package
135 Minutes - $140.00
90 Minute Facial + Sauna or Ionic Foot bath
Cleansing Facial
• This holistic approach to skin care is more than just a facial, and will nourish you from head to toe.
• Deep facial cleansing with award winning Weleda products.
• Exfoliation clay masque and hydrating nourishing masque deeply cleanse to nourish the skin.
• Therapeutic treatment with soft compresses, aromatic bath milks, rhythmic massage and acupressure of the face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet to improve circulation and relieve stress.
• Also includes balancing and nurturing the whole body through a variety of energy therapies including sound therapy,  Jin Shin Jyutsu Reiki, Aroma and Hot Stone Therapy .
• 75 minute treatment includes back massage and hot stones.
• 90 minute treatment includes additional massage, energy therapy and aroma foot baths.
• For more info see Services .

Facial Care

Cleansing Facial |Ultimate Facial | Detox Facial | Acupressure Facelift

 Self Care Through Skin Care                                            A Whole Body Experience
Facial Care in Ann Arbor