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Seed Nutrition in Ann Arbor

Pure Essiac Tea                      

• Blue Moon Herbs/, where we go the extra mile to provide Essiac (pronounced ess-e-ack) tea that includes Sheep sorrel roots, as its developer and namesake, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, (pronounced Reen Case) .
• There is a missing ingredient in almost 100% of the Essiac being sold in today's world.  It is sheep sorrel roots. Although sheep sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella) is a standard ingredient in almost all Essiac, its almost always just the stems, flowers and leaves - the arial parts - but no roots.
- See more at: or call Debbie at: (406) 883-0110.
Pure Essiac Tea in Ann Arbor
Weleda "A Blueprint For Health & Beauty"

ReMyte™ Mineral Solution   

•  The structure, function and electrical activity of the body.
•  Activates 700-800 body enzyme systems.
•  100% absorbed at the cellular level.
•  No laxative effect.                 

ReMag™ Magnesium Solution   

•  Known as the spark of life.
•  Activates 700-800 body enzyme systems
•  100% absorbed at the cellular level
•  No laxative effect                  

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• Aromatherapy is one of many ways you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 
• It has become a popular choice for many people seeking to de-stress, relax and improve their health, physically, mentally and emotionally
• Using Pure Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) essential oils can help affect a proper mood, state of mind, or improve your physical well-being
• It's amazing to watch how my clients experience such positive effects.
   • Hailed for centuries as the "miracle, heal-all remedy" black cumin seed has          been found to be 281x more potent at fighting inflammation than aspirin.   
   • Powerful Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic (pain-killing)
   • Immune & Allergy Support • Potent Antioxidant for Heart & Anti-Aging
   • Supports healthy blood sugar for Energy & Mental Focus
   • Loaded with essential fatty acids, these are no ordinary products!
   • See More at:  
   • To request a sample email       
SOUL, CORE, BEND, FORM, REVRI     Pure Wellness  /  The Power Is In The Seeds        
•  Today, we are proud to be the largest user of  biodynamic® ingredients world wide—cultivated through our own gardens in Europe, South America and New Zealand, as well as through our closely-tied partnerships with contract farmers throughout the world.
•  These pure ingredients are blended to create our beautiful preparations at the Weleda Laboratories in Switzerland and German

           “For naturally beautiful skin at each stage of your life.”

Young Living Theraputic Grade Essential Oils                          

Aromatherapy in Ann Arbor

•  Award winning, premier skin care is formulated from the purest, natural  organic a biodynamic® ingredients.
•  In 1921, the year Weleda was born, we were the first company to use biodynamic® Ingredients in personal care.
Weleda in Ann Arbor

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