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“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not, the victim.”  Nora Ephron

Health Benefits • Wellness Programs explore a variety of tools that support lifestyle change  promoting and restoring health & well-being • Clients learn how to follow their passion and accomplish goals that they never were able to do before • Individuals recognize the impact of lifestyle choices and the benefits of change on their health • Learn how to identifying the barriers to change with effective tools and accountability methods • Helping a person build self-efficacy, decision-making and self-care skills 
• Supporting  positive outcomes and change through Mapping 360°©
•  Where have you been and where do you want to go?
•  How does Wellness Coaching supports life-style change?
•  Will my services or programs be a good fit for your health care goals?
​​​ Leading Edge Information & Personal Experience             
1st Month Includes:
• 90 Minute Discovery Session
• Three additional 30 Minute Coaching Sessions
2nd Month Includes:
• Four 30 Minute Coaching Sessions
3rd Month Includes:
• Four 30 Minute Coaching Sessions
Wellness Guide & Workbook 
• The Mapping 360º© Model is a proven methodology for life-style change.
• Self-Help Knowledge To Empower Your Healing Process.
• Self-care tips, the key to greater health and wellness.
• Taking The Self-Help Steps To Wellness.
• Overcoming Food Addictions.
• Healthy Life Style Choices.
• Jin Shin Jyutsu and self-care techniques to support your health.
• Detoxification.
• De-Stressing.
• And much, much more.
90 Minute Foundation Session - $100.00
 • How-to information for your designing you health and wellness journey.
• Receive guidance and information on how to integrate self-help
healing modalities into your health care program especially designed
for you.
• Explore and learn self-care techniques.
• How to take the steps to greater health and wellness.
90 Day Coaching and Consulting Program 
Steps to Self-Help, Wellness & Lifestyle Change 
12 Sessions - $520.00
20  Minute Free Phone Consultation
Free Consultation
Introductory  Session 
Foundation  Session   
Steps to Wellness Program

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Certified Health & Wellness Coach / Consultant, 230 Collingswoord Drive, Suite 150, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

  Health & Wellness 



60 Minute Discovery Session -  $65.00
•  Receive supportive information and inspiration.
•  Healing body, mind and being; the holistic approach to health and wellness.
•  Learn about your possibilities for greater health.
•  Future Self Meditation and Vision.
•  Where are you going and how do you get there?

Wellness Coaching 

Lifestyle in Ann Arbor
Health and Wellness in Ann Arbor



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